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The latest advanced technologies devised and develoed by IHI:
This section lists the latest advanced technology, support system and other innovation devised and developed by IHI, for improvement of energy efficiency, for advancement of system operation reliability and for energy saving.

Lean-Burn Premix Burner

Variable Heat and Power Gas Turbine Power Plant is a system which increase power output by injecting steam into combustion chamber because the steam supply which generated at HRSG exceeds the steam demand when steam demand is not so much.

IHI Original Control System

IHI offers a control system with the functionality, performance, high reliability, and high operability based on IHI characteristics and strength as gas turbine manufacturer and gas turbine power plant developer.

Fuel Diversification

Some kind of fuels can be used as for Combined Heat and Power (Cogeneration) system as alternative fuel or supplementary fuel in order to achieve energy saving.

Remote Monitoring System (Remo-moni™)

This system allows to monitor the gas turbine power plant operation condition with remote monitoring using telephone line or Internet connection.

DUAL Fuel System

The DUAL fuel system technology allows to change over between gas types of fuel and liquid types of fuel to be used in a single engine.

Authorized Maintenance Facility

IHI supports our customers with the latest advanced technology at the facility authorized by GE.

Integrated Control System

This integrated control system is a control system which allows to achieve energy savings across the overall energy system by coordinating operation between multiple CHP (cogeneration) system and systems at customer facility.

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