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Remote Monitoring

We monitor and provide solutions for gas turbine power plants to realize reliable operations and maintenance-capabilities.

Remote Monitoring System(RMS) of Gas Turbine Plants - Remo-moni™ -

What is Remo-moni™?

Remo-moni™ is IHI's Remote Monitoring System(RMS) of Gas Turbine Driven Generator Power Plants.

  • Remo-moni™ is an advanced monitoring system for gas turbine power plants.
  • IHI has the ability to observe the customer's plant from the IHI monitoring center and advise on operations and maintenance.
  • It is for a) Safe Operations, b) Improving High Availability and c) Save Maintenance Costs of Gas Turbines Power Plant Operation.
  • Remo-moni™ is installed easily by connecting to internet.
  • Remo-moni™ Established since 1995.
  • Number of Installations: 77 units and 47 sites.
  • Advanced and Speedy Trouble Shooting of plant.
    In the event of an emergency, an IHI engineer will utilize the Remo-moniTM to find a solution for the customer. IHI Service Engineers can also be dispatched.
  • Technical assistant for plant operations.
    IHI will provide the appropriate diagnosis and solution for the operation based on the data received from the Remo-moniTM.

Data Transfer of Remo-moni™


Data Monitoring


Operations Support Center

There is an operations support center in the IHI headquarters.
In the case of incidents/emergencies IHI engineers will conduct analysis in the support center and provide a solution at haste.


Trend analysis from Big Data

IHI permanently stores data from cutomers’ site and conducts trend analysis. The trend analysis detects any abnormalities occurring in cutomers’ plant before the alarm triggered. Trend analysis is an efficient solution to monitor activities prior to unexpected shutdowns.


Implementation of Remo-moni™

1. Site Communication PC

IHI will supply a “Site Communication PC” and will connect it to the existing control system. The “Site Communication PC” transmits data from the control system to the IHI server.

2. Internet Service

The customer must have an internet service provider.
IHI recommend the use of ADSL for the plant’s internet service. If the customer already has, IHI check that it is available or not.


The control system can cover 8 plants with 1 internet line (Note: Please confirm with IHI )

Q & A of Remo-moni™

Q1. How much will the system cost?

(Ans.) The system will be very reasonably priced.

Q2. Security ?

(Ans.) IHI will have its own security system (closed operation with only assigned customer) .
A router will be used as a firewall.

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