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Field Services

Our field service team can bring the engine up to its best shape!

Joto Service Center (Japan)

IHI and IJS (IHI Jet Service Co., Ltd., IHI’s gas turbine and jet engine maintenance subsidiary) established a service center, located in the Joto area in Tokyo, where known as “Tokyo’s manufacturing center”, in May 2009.

Taking full advantage of its location (approximately 20 minutes from Tokyo Station by subway and 30 minutes from IHI’s headquaters building in Toyosu by bus), our field service teams from Joto Service Center can quickly respond to our customers and implement practical and reliable solutions.

Joto Service Center aims for maximizing customer’s satisfaction by utilizing the following properties;

  • Co-operation with design and development engineers.
  • 35 technicians and service engineers in Joto. (Another 50 technicians and service engineers stationed at other service centers throughout Japan.)
  • With emergency parts for gas turbines, controls and package furnished parts, stocked over 2000 items.
  • Within 3hours trouble clear.
Field Service Capabilities

Field Service Capabilities

  • Engine exchange
  • Field implementation of Service Bulletins
  • Level 1 & 2 maintenance
  • DLE(Dry Low Emissions)combustor mapping
  • Variable geometry actuator calibration and function test
  • Equipment shaft and coupling alignment
  • Trim balancing and vibration data analysis
  • Engine and control system troubleshooting
  • Borescope Inspections for engine
  • On-site support for gas turbine operation
  • Upgrade of gas turbine control system
  • IHI lease gas turbine LM6000

Engineering Support Capabilities

  • Engine condition assessment
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Long-term preventative maintenance planning and management
  • Critical and strategic spare parts planning
  • Engine/component logistics support

Joto Service Center

1-8, Tatekawa 3-chome, Sumida-ku,Tokyo 130-0023,
TEL: + 81-3-5638-2916

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